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     Tony Spinner

Born: June 9, 1963 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Tony Spinner was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He was lived in Jones Boro, AR since 1983 when he joines the band "3+1". He has a career for 16 years before he made a debut. He is really great guitarist / songwriter / vocalist. He had been playing as his band: THE TONY SPINNER PROJECT in Memphis. And, he had been popular at there. After that, he changed his band name to WHITE RIVER MONSTER. In 1988, they were under contract to the record company: polygrum, but they had broken up and couldn't release their album in 1992. But he doesn't have only bad things..., in 1991, He played gigs in N.Y. And people of Atlantic record liked his show!! So, they introduced Tony to Mike Varney ( a president of the record company, "Shrapnel").

In 1994, Tony released his 1st album: "SATURNE BLUES" from Mike's new record label: "BLUES BUREAU INTERNATIONAL". In 1995, released his 2nd album: "MY '64". And in 1996, he released his 3rd album: "CROSSTOWN SESSION".

In 1998, he played on Paul Gilbert's solo tour.
So Tony played on Paul's 2nd album: "FLYING DOG" in the same year. And he planned to play on Paul's "FLYING DOG" tour. But... TOTO offered Tony a job that is touring with TOTO. Tony accepted TOTO's offer. So he has been touring with TOTO now.


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