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     Wayne Horvitz

Born: 1955 in New York, NY
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Modern Creative
Instruments: Organ (Hammond), Keyboards, Piano

Wayne Horvitz took piano lessons briefly as a child. At 13, he received a few classical guitar lessons; he found the style unsuitable and quit. A year later, influenced by the records of blues pianist Otis Spann, he took up the piano again. From that point, he was largely self-taught. Horvitz made a name for himself in the '80s by playing with some of the leading lights on the downtown New York-based experimental/improv scene, including Bobby Previte, Butch Morris, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, and others. His most famous association was with saxophonist/composer John Zorn as a member of the latter's band, Naked City. Horvitz-led ensembles included the President, the Horvitz/Morris/Previte Trio, and Pigpen. By the mid-'90s, Horvitz had moved from New York to the Pacific Northwest; his primary band became the Seattle-based Zony Mash (Horvitz; Timothy Young, guitar; Keith Lowe, bass; Andy Roth, drums). Their organ-based, groove-oriented music incorporates some "outside" elements, but largely avoids the avant-garde tendencies characteristic of Horvitz's New York work. Besides Zony Mash, Horvitz continues to perform in other contexts, leading the Four Plus One Ensemble (Horvitz; Eyvind Kang, violin; Julian Priester, trombone; Reggie Watts, keyboards; Tucker Martine, electronics and live processing) and Ponga (Horvitz; Bobby Previte, drums; Skerik, saxes; Dave Palmer, keyboards). Horvitz has also recorded for the Songlines, Knitting Factory, Elektra/Nonesuch, Sound Aspects, and Black Saint labels.

- Chris Kelsey (All Music Guide)

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 Wayne Horvitz - '4+1 Ensemble' - 1998, Intuition
 Wayne Horvitz - 'A Walk In The Dark' - 2008, Songlines Recordings
 Wayne Horvitz - 'American Bandstand' - 2000, Songlines
 Wayne Horvitz - 'Brand Spankin' New' - 1998, Knitting Factory
 Wayne Horvitz - 'Cold Spell' - 1997, Knitting Factory
 Wayne Horvitz - 'Miracle Mile' - 1992, Nonesuch, Elektra
 Wayne Horvitz - 'One Dance Alone' - 2008, Songlines Recordings
 Wayne Horvitz - 'Sweeter Than The Day' - 2001, Songlines Recordings
 Wayne Horvitz - 'Upper Egypt' - 2000, Knitting Factory
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 Michael Shrieve - 'Fascination' - 2001, Times Square, Lider
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 Marty Ehrlich - 'Side By Side' - 1991, Enja
 Bill Frisell - 'Good Dog Happy Man' - 1999, Nonesuch
 Bill Frisell - 'Is That You?' - 1989, Elektra
 Serge Gainsbourg - 'Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg' - 1997, Tzadik
 David Moss - 'Dense Band' - 1985, Moers
 Naked City - 'Black Box: Torture Garden. Leng Tch'e' - 1992, Tzadik
 Naked City - 'Heretic, Jeux Des Dames Cruelles' - 1994, Avant
 Bobby Previte - 'Claude's Late Morning' - 1988, Gramavision
 Bobby Previte - 'Slay The Suitors' - 1984, Avant
 Bobby Previte - 'The 23 Constellations Of Joan Miro' - 2002, Tzadik
 The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet - 'Voodoo' - 1985, Black Saint
 Kazutoki Umezu - 'First Deserter' - 1997, Knitting Factory
 John Zorn - 'New Traditions In East Asian Bar Bands' - 1996, Avant, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Spillane' - 1987, Elektra Nonesuch
 John Zorn - 'The Big Gundown. John Zorn Plays The Music Of Ennio Morricone' - 1985, Tzadik

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