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     The Rippingtons

Formed: 1987
Group Members: Steve Reid, Steve Bailey, Brandon Fields, Jeff Kashiwa, Tony Morales, Kim Stone, Paul Taylor, Dave Kochanski, Russ Freeman
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Jazz-Pop
Instruments: Group

One of the most popular groups in what is loosely termed "contemporary jazz," the Rippingtons were formed (and have been led ever since) by guitarist/keyboardist Russ Freeman (no relation to the veteran West Coast bop pianist of the same name). Freeman (born February 11, 1960, in Nashville) studied at Cal Arts and UCLA, and recorded Nocturnal Playground as a leader in 1985 for the Brainchild label, a one-man project. In 1987, he was approached to record for the Japanese Alfa label and came up with the Rippingtons name for the all-star group he used on the disc (Moonlighting), an ensemble featuring David Benoit, Kenny G., and Brandon Fields. Their album was released domestically by Passport and became a hit. Freeman soon formed a regular touring band (usually including saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa, bassist Kim Stone, drummer Tony Morales, and percussionist Steve Reid), cut a second disc for Passport, and the group recorded regularly for GRP. Russ Freeman writes all of the music for the Rippingtons, much of which falls in the pop/R&B genre. In the late '90s, the group moved over to the Windham Hill label, recording such albums as Black Diamond (1997), Topaz (1999), Live! Across America, and Life in the Tropics (both in 2000).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 The Rippingtons - 'Black Diamond' - 1997, Windham Hill
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 The Rippingtons - 'Curves Ahead' - 1991, GRP
 The Rippingtons - 'Let It Ripp' - 2003, Peak
 The Rippingtons - 'Wild Card' - 2005, Peak

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