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Genres: Rock.
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Blues

The post-Family band formed by Family masterminds Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney. Where their former band balanced art-rock and blues-rock, the Streetwalkers were a throwback, a blues-rock band that put Chapman's extraordinary voice front and center. Unlike Family, however, the Streetwalkers, who were a good but not great band, sounded too calculated, as if they wanted to cash in on some of the pre-punk hard rock notoriety that bands like Bad Company and Thin Lizzy were getting. Where they remained consistent with their former aggregation was that the Streetwalkers, though popular in England, were virtually ignored in America. A solid, at times excellent live band, the Streetwalkers split up in the early '80s after the release of a (surprisingly) desultory live LP that had contractual obligation written all over it. As blues-based rock bands go, the Streetwalkers had their moments and did release one certifiably terrific record (Red Card), but unlike Family, their material was too inconsistent; Whitney's guitar playing started to sound too much like Jeff Beck, and Chapman's lyrics were egregiously sexist, the kind of dross you'd imagine from a bald, overweight, middle-aged man who thinks that being in a rock band means he's still big with (much younger) chicks.

- John Dougan (All Music Guide)

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 Streetwalkers - 'Vicious But Fair' - 1977, Mercury

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