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     Mavis Staples

Born: 1940 in Chicago, IL.
Genres: Rock.
Styles: Country-Soul, Gospel.
Instruments: Vocals

Born in 1940 in Chicago, most of Mavis Staples's career has been as lead singer for The Staple Singers. She first recorded solo for Stax subsidiary Volt in 1969. Subsequent efforts included a Curtis Mayfield-produced soundtrack on Curtom, a disappointing nod to disco for Warner in 1979, a misguided stab at electro-pop with Holland-Dozier-Holland in 1984, and an uneven album for Paisley Park. Staples has a rich contralto voice that has neither the range of Aretha Franklin nor the power of Patti LaBelle. Her otherworldly power comes instead from a masterful command of phrasing and a deep-seated sensuality expressed through timbre manipulation. Both The Staple Singers and Mavis Staples found fresh audiences stemming from their participation on the CD Rhythm, Country and Blues, and in 1996 she issued Spirituals and Gospel: Dedicated to Mahalia Jackson.

- Rob Bowman (All Music Guide)

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 Mavis Staples - 'Have A Little Faith' - 2004, Alligator Records
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 Mavis Staples - 'Only For The Lonely' - 1970, Import
 Mavis Staples - 'Spirituals & Gospel' - 1966, Polygram, Verve
 Mavis Staples - 'We'll Never Turn Back' - 2007, Anti
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