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     Archie Shepp

Archie Vernon Shepp. Born: May 24, 1937 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz, Hard Bop.
Instruments: Sax (Tenor), Sax (Soprano), Vocals

Archie Shepp has been at various times a feared firebrand and radical, soulful throwback and contemplative veteran. He was viewed in the '60s as perhaps the most articulate and disturbing member of the free generation, a published playwright willing to speak on the record in unsparing, explict fashion about social injustice and the anger and rage he felt. His tenor sax solos were searing, harsh and unrelenting, played with a vivid intensity. But in the '70s, Shepp employed a fatback/swing-based R&B approach, and in the '80s he mixed straight bebop, ballads and blues pieces displaying little of the fury and fire from his earlier days. Shepp studied dramatic literature at Goddard College, earning his degree in 1959. He played alto sax in dance bands and sought theatrical work in New York. But Shepp switched to tenor, playing in several free jazz bands. He worked with Cecil Taylor, co-led groups with Bill Dixon and played in The New York Contemporary Five with Don Cherry and John Tchicai. He led his own bands in the mid-'60s with Roswell Rudd, Bobby Hutcherson, Beaver Harris and Grachan Moncur III. His Impulse albums included poetry readings and quotes from James Baldwin and Malcolm X. Shepp's releases sought to paint an aural picture of African-American life, and included compositions based on incidents like Attica or folk sayings. He also produced plays in New York among them "The Communist" in 1965, and "Lady Day: A Musical Tragedy" in 1972 with trumpeter/composer Cal Massey. But starting in the late '60s, the rhetoric was toned down and the anger began to disappear from Shepp's albums. He substituted a more celebratory, and at times reflective attitude. Shepp turned to academia in the late '60s, teaching at SUNY in Buffalo, then the University of Massachusetts. He was named an associate professor there in 1978. Shepp toured and recorded extensively in Europe during the '80s, cutting some fine albums with Horace Parlan, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Jasper van't Hof. He has recorded extensively for Impulse, Byg, Arista/Freedom, Phonogram, Steeplechase, Denon, Enja, EPM and Soul Note among others over the years.Unfortunately his tone declined from the mid-1980's on (his highly original sound was his most important contribution to jazz) and Archie Shepp is a less significant figure in the 1990's than one might hope.

- Ron Wynn & Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Archie Shepp - 'Archie Shepp, Bill Dixon - Quartet' - 1962, Free Factory
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 Archie Shepp - 'Ballads For Trane' - 1977, Denon
 Archie Shepp - 'Blase. Live At The Pan-African Festival' - 1969, Charly Records
 Archie Shepp - 'Conversations' - 1999, Delmark
 Archie Shepp - 'Day Dream' - 1977, Denon
 Archie Shepp - 'Deja Vu' - 2001, Venus
 Archie Shepp - 'En Concert A Banlieues Bleues' - 1989, 52e Rue Est
 Archie Shepp - 'Fire Music' - 1966, Impulse!
 Archie Shepp - 'First Take' - 2005, Archie Ball
 Archie Shepp - 'Four For Trane' - 1964, Impulse!
 Archie Shepp - 'Gemini' - 2007, Archie Ball
 Archie Shepp - 'Goin' Home' - 1977, SteepleChase
 Archie Shepp - 'I Know About The Life' - 2003, hatOLOGY
 Archie Shepp - 'Kwanza' - 1974, Impulse!
 Archie Shepp - 'Looking At Bird' - 1980, SteepleChase
 Archie Shepp - 'Lover Man' - 1995, Timeless
 Archie Shepp - 'Mama Rose In Concert' - 1982, SteepleChase
 Archie Shepp - 'Mama Too Tight' - 1966, Impulse!
 Archie Shepp - 'Splashes' - 1987, L & R Music
 Archie Shepp - 'The Cry Of My People' - 1973, Impulse!
 Archie Shepp - 'The New York Contemporary Five' - 1963, Storyville
 Archie Shepp - 'The Way Ahead' - 1969, GRP
 Archie Shepp - 'Trouble In Mind' - 1980, SteepleChase
 Archie Shepp - 'True Ballads' - 1996, Venus Jazz, Tokuma Records
 Archie Shepp - 'True Blue' - 1998, Venus Jazz
 Archie Shepp - 'Wo! Man' - 2011, Archie Ball
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