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     Brad Mehldau

Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop.
Instruments: Piano

During the '90s and into the 2000s, Brad Mehldau was another of the plethora of young jazz pianists who adopted Bill Evans as their role model. Yet while the influence of Evans still thoroughly dominates Mehldau's introspective manner, harmonic constructions, and preferred format (the piano trio), he is one of the more absorbing and thoughtful practitioners within that idiom, and he is receptive to the idea of using material from the rock era (Paul McCartney's "Blackbird," for example). Though Mehldau's training is primarily classical, his interest in jazz began early. He played in the Hall High School jazz band of Hartford, CT, winning Berklee College's Best All-Around Musician Award while still in his junior year of high school. He studied jazz at New York's New School for Social Research under Fred Hersch, Junior Mance, Kenny Werner, and Jimmy Cobb. Cobb soon hired him to play in his band, Cobb's Mob, and Mehldau also played and recorded with the Joshua Redman Quartet before forming his own trio in 1994 and recording his first Warner Bros. album, Introducing Brad Mehldau, in 1995. Art of the Trio, Vol. 1 followed in 1997, with the next two volumes in the series appearing over the following months. Two years later, Mehldau returned with Elegiac Cycle, as well as Art of the Trio, Vol. 4: Back at the Vanguard. Places followed in 2000, consisting of all original compositions focusing on various cities, hence the title of the album.

Another Art of the Trio album came in 2001, but the most significant release was Largo, which recorded Mehldau performing with other groups outside of his usual trio format. This was a big change from his previous work, and offered new challenges as he adapted to several interesting lineup situations. Mehldau followed the genre-bending album with the standards-based Anything Goes and Live in Tokyo in 2004, with Day Is Done arriving the following year. In 2006, he released House on Hill as well as Love Sublime, the latter with soprano vocalist Renee Fleming on Nonesuch Records. Mehldau chose to work with his trio plus Pat Metheny on Quartet in 2007; he followed it up with with the double-disc Live in 2008, which was recorded with his trio at the Village Vanguard. In 2010, Mehldau emerged with the ambitious Highway Rider, a double disc of 15 new compositions; it was produced by Jon Brion. He employed his trio as well as drummer Matt Chamberlain, saxophonist Joshua Redman, and a small chamber orchestra led by Dan Coleman. Mehldau arranged and orchestrated all the music.

- Richard S. Ginell & Thom Jurek (All Music Guide)

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 Brad Mehldau - 'Anything Goes' - 2004, Warner Bros.
 Brad Mehldau - 'Art Of The Trio. Vol. 5: Progression' - 2001, Prospekt, Warner Bros.
 Brad Mehldau - 'Day Is Done' - 2005, Nonesuch
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 Brad Mehldau - 'Ode' - 2012, Nonesuch
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 Brad Mehldau - 'When I Fall In Love' - 1994, Fresh Sound New Talent
 Brad Mehldau - 'Where Do You Start' - 2012, Nonesuch
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Marian McPartland - 'Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Radio Broadcast (Brad Mehldaut)' - 2007, Jazz Alliance
 Anne Sofie Von Otter - 'Love Songs' - 2010, Naive
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 Peter Bernstein - 'Signs Of Life' - 1995, Criss Cross
 Peter Bernstein - 'Somethin's Burnin'' - 1994, Criss Cross
 Ruth Cameron - 'Roadhouse' - 2000, Verve
 Avishai Cohen {bass} - 'Adama' - 1998, Stretch
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 Kevin Mahogany - 'Portrait Of Kevin Mahogany' - 2000, Warner Bros.
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 John Scofield - 'Works For Me' - 2001, Verve Forecast
 Wayne Shorter - 'Alegria' - 2003, Verve
 Allen Toussaint - 'The Bright Mississippi' - 2009, Nonesuch

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