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     Keiko Matsui

Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Contemporary Instrumental, Fusion.
Instruments: Vocals, Keyboards, Composer, Piano

Fusion/new age keyboard player Keiko Matsui grew up in Tokyo, and tok her first piano lesson at the age of five. Influenced by Stevie Wonder and Rachmaninov as well as early fusion masters Maurice Jarre and Chick Corea, Matsui began composing while in junior high, but studied children's culture at the Japan Woman's University (Nihon Joshidaigaku). She moved to the Yamaha Music Foundation in Tokyo after graduation and formed Cosmos, recording four albums with the new age group. Her first album as a leader, 1987's A Drop of Water, was released in the U.S. two years after the fact on Passport. The LP also featured her touring partner and husband, shakuhachi player Kazu Matsui, and was financed with their honeymoon money. A contract with MCA that year resulted in two albums, No Borders and Under Northern Lights. Matsui moved to the White Cat label in 1992, and began charting in the Contemporary Jazz charts. Her 1995 album Sapphire hit number one on the charts, and its follow-up also reached the Top Ten the following year. Whisper from the Mirror followed in 2000.

- John Bush (All Music Guide)


Keiko Matsui, a classically trained former piano prodigy who has built a tremendous fan base worldwide and gained enormous critical stature, is America's #1 female Contemporary Jazz Artist and America's #2 best-selling instrumentalist. As a child, she studied at Japan's Yamaha Music Foundation and progressed to the school's prestigious advanced studies program. She was selected to record for Yamaha at age 17.
Since then, Keiko has continually achieved the unprecedented in a musical genre where few women succeed. With her last year's release, Dream Walk, Keiko continued to pioneer the course as one of the few women to reach the top of the Billboard and Radio & Records charts, two of the industry's most prestigious publications.

In May 1997, Keiko launched a national tour dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer prevention and the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization. The culmination of Keiko's Breast Cancer 'Gift of Hope' Tour was realized this past October 1997 during National Breast Cancer Month when Academy Award-winning director, Lee Grant, included Keiko's music throughout Lifetime's "Say It, Fight It, Cure It" special, hosted by Rosie O'Donnell.

In March 1998, KCET, Los Angeles public television premiered the Keiko Matsui Special, "Keiko Matsui, Light Above the Trees" which featured music from her most recent Countdown/Unity release, Full Moon and The Shrine. The single, "Toward the Sunrise," on this record hit the R&R charts as "most added" even before the record was released.

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 Keiko Matsui - 'A Drop Of Water' - 1996, Unity Label Group, White Cat
 Keiko Matsui - 'Cherry Blossom' - 1992, Unity Label Group, White Cat Records
 Keiko Matsui - 'Doll' - 1994, Shout! Factory
 Keiko Matsui - 'Dream Walk' - 1996, ULG, Countdown
 Keiko Matsui - 'Moyo (Heart & Soul)' - 2007, Victor Japan
 Keiko Matsui - 'Night Waltz' - 1991, Snow Crane Music, Sin-Drome Records
 Keiko Matsui - 'Sapphire' - 1995, Pony Canyon Inc., Unity Label Group, White Cat
 Keiko Matsui - 'Spring Selection' - 2004, Columbia
 Keiko Matsui - 'The Piano' - 2003, Shout! Factory, Kazu Music
 Keiko Matsui - 'The Ring' - 2002, Narada
 Keiko Matsui - 'The Road..' - 2011, Shanachie
 Keiko Matsui - 'Under Northern Lights' - 1989, MCA
 Keiko Matsui - 'Walls Of Akendora' - 2005, EMI Music, Narada
 Keiko Matsui - 'Whisper From The Mirror' - 2000, Countdown, Hyperion Rec.
 Keiko Matsui - 'Wildflower' - 2004, EMI
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 Kazu Matsui - 'The Stone Monkey' - 2005, Narada
 Kazu Matsui - 'Tribal Schubert' - 1999, Countdown
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 Michael C. Ghegan - 'Michael Ghegan' - 2004, Michael Ghegan
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