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     Kevin Mahogany

Born: Jul 30, 1958 in Kansas City, MO.
Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Vocal Jazz, Standards, Bop.
Instruments: Vocals

Kevin Mahogany's sudden prominence in the mid-'90s was a relief to many who felt that male jazz singers under the age of 60 were non-existent. His swinging style is reminiscent, but not derivative of, Joe Williams. Mahogany played piano, clarinet, and various saxophones while growing up before deciding to specialize in singing. He attended Baker University in Kansas and sang locally in some R&B groups. In the early '90s, Mahogany dedicated himself to jazz and, after two fine albums for Enja, he signed with Warner Bros. for LPs including 1997's Another Time Another Place and 1998's My Romance. In addition, he has recorded as a guest on dates by Elvin Jones and arranger Frank Mantooth. In fall 2000, Portrait of Kevin Mahogany was released.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Kevin Mahogany - 'Another Time Another Place' - 1997, Warner Bros.
 Kevin Mahogany - 'Double Rainbow' - 2009, Enja
 Kevin Mahogany - 'My Romance' - 1998, Prospekt, Warner Bros.
 Kevin Mahogany - 'Portrait Of Kevin Mahogany' - 2000, Warner Bros.
 Kevin Mahogany - 'Pride & Joy' - 2002, Prospekt, Telarc
 Kevin Mahogany - 'Pussy Cat Dues' - 2000, Enja
 Kevin Mahogany - 'You Got What It Takes' - 1995, Enja
  как соисполнитель ...
 Monty Alexander - 'My America' - 2002, Telarc, Lider
 Carl Allen - 'Testimonial' - 1995, Atlantic
 Ray Brown - 'Some Of My Best Friends Are.. Singers' - 1998, Telarc Jazz
 Elvin Jones - 'Elvin Jones' - 1994, Enja Tide, Musica Jazz
 Elvin Jones - 'It Don't Mean A Thing' - 1995, Enja
 T.S. Monk - 'Monk On Monk' - 1997, N2K

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