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Genres: Newage.
Styles: Meditation.
Instruments: Keyboards

Karunesh took an active interest in music during his youth in Germany, back when he was still known as Bruno Reuter. But it wasn't until he was 23 and took a mean spill off his motorbike that Reuter received his epiphany in the form of new age spiritualism. A pilgrimage to India followed, where he reemerged as Karunesh (Sanskrit for "compassion"). He issued his debut LP, Sounds of the Heart, in 1984, and never looked back. Karunesh was remarkably consistent over the next 20 years, releasing numerous albums influenced by the windy landscape of world music and punctuated with breathy flutes, introspective guitars, and hints of vocal and electronics. He worked with the Nightingale, Oreade, Etherean, and Real Music imprints, among others; album highlights include Heart Chakra Meditation (1992), Secrets of Life (first issued in 1996), and 2001's Zen Breakfast, which leaned toward the new age subgenre of music for massage/relaxation.

-Johnny Loftus (All Music Guide)


Upon hearing the sacred qualities in Zen Breakfast, it comes as no surprise that Karunesh's natural talent for musical expression was initially nurtured in a spiritual environment. The music of Zen Breakfast draws upon sounds from ancient spiritual and religious traditions in ways that speak to the deep-felt longing in each of us for spiritual connection.

It was during five years that Karunesh lived in an ashram in Germany that he had the opportunity to learn from and play together with musicians from cultures around the world. Music was a vital part of the mystical experience being pursued and where Karunesh (Sanskrit for "compassion") says he developed the ability to weave different styles and feelings together into a living symbiosis - a symbiosis carried by his own very unique and personal "melodies from the heart."

Karunesh was born in 1956 in Cologne, Germany. Although he had been drawn to music as a child and played in bands as a teen, he chose to study graphic design as a career. After attaining his degree, the path did not feel right for him and as sometimes happens to prompt us of a critical need for a change in direction, Karunesh was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. For two weeks, he was suspended between life and death, and this experience sparked the beginning of his spiritual path. In 1979 he made his first journey to India and began to follow his heart.

In 1984 Karunesh released his first album "Sounds of the Heart," an album that quickly became a classic in the new age genre. More albums followed. With 450,000 albums sold to date, Karunesh has become established as one of the best-known artists in the genre.

Karunesh has lived in Maui, Hawaii, since 1992, bathed in the healing warmth and fragrances of the tropics. From this island's feminine embrace, he creates music that holds a beautiful, sacred and healing resonance for those who listen.

It was over breakfast one morning in Maui that company president Terence Yallop, with his background of Taoist philosophy and t'ai chi, and Karunesh, musician, sat down to talk about their hopes and dreams. From this meeting their creative collaboration was formed and Zen Breakfast conceived. Nirvana Cafe, Karunesh's second album for Real Music and another tasty sonic treat, released in 2002. Both albums have achieved positions on Billboard's New Age Chart.



Как и многие другие творцы музыки в стиле new age, молодой немецкий музыкант Бруно Ройтер получил посвящение в легендарном уже ашраме (обители) Ошо (Бхагавана Шри Раджниша) в Пуне (Индия).

Там же он обрел и новое имя, под которым его и будут отныне знать любители мистической музыки во всем мире - Карунеш .
С самых первых своих шагов Карунеш оказался в интересной и дружелюбной компании - в созданном Ошо Институте музыки параллельно с ним работали такие звезды New Аge, как Анугама, Гови, Дойтер, Шастро ...
Через несколько лет компания разошлась по разным студиями и фирмам, однако дружеские отношения между музыкантами сохранились и по сей день: создатели ''музыки из мира Ошо'' - неизменные участники ( а иногдла - и продюсеры ) звукозаписывающих сессий друг друга.

Вместе с Анугамой Карунеш перешел под крыло новорожденной студии Nihtingale Records, специальностью которой стал мягкий синтезаторный New Age.

В скором времени Карунеш становится одним из самых известных музыкантов студии, а его первые записи заинтересовали не только ценителей ''эзотерической'' музыки, но и ведущих разнообразных тренингов и групп.
Так, один из последних дисков Карунеша Heart Chackra Meditation, выпущенный в специальной серии Института Ошо, представляет собой готовый медитационный комплекс для гармонизации сердечной чакры .

В России музыку Карунеша вы сможете услышать на любом эзотерическом тренинге, ее взяли на вооружение не только последователи Ошо, но и множество других, весьма далеких от учения Шри Раджниша групп.
Звучание этнических флейт, нежных колокольчиков и современных синтезаторов сочетается на дисках Карунеша со звуками природы - журчаньем ручья, пением птиц, таинственными звуками джунглей...

Эти удивительные по красоте мелодии говорят с нами на универсальном языке духовности и света, он успокаивают и исцеляют организм, благотворно влияют на энергетику, они идеально подходят и для сеанса релаксации или медитации, и для создания "интимного" музыкального фона.


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