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     Benny Carter

Картер Беннет Лестер (р. 8 августа 1907, Нью-Йорк) - американский джазовый музыкант (саксофон, кларнетист, труба, фортепиано), композитор, аранжировщик, руководитель оркестра.

Один из основоположников и ведущих представителей негритянского свинга. Начальное музыкальное образование получил в семье. С 1924 начал выступать как саксофонист в оркестрах Дж. Кларка, Б. Пэйджа и других. Затем поступил в университет, где изучал теологию, но вскоре решил отдать предпочтение профессии музыканта. В течение короткого времени играл в студенческом оркестре X. Хендерсона, в дальнейшем - еще в целом ряде профессиональных джазовых коллективов: у Б. Фаулера, "Дюка" Эллингтона и Ч. Джонсона, с собственным оркестром, у Ф. Хендерсона, "Чика" Уэбба, У. Брайанта, У. Маккинни, со студийным ансамблем CHOCOLATE DANDIES, в различных комбо. В 1935-38 гастролировал в Европе; выступал с оркестром У. Льюиса во Франции, был приглашен в Лондон в качестве аранжировщика танцевального оркестра радио, посетил Германию и Данию, где записал множество пластинок с местными музыкантами, руководил интернациональным оркестром в Голландии. Вернувшись в США, неоднократно создавал комбо и биг-бэнды различного состава, писал аранжировки и композиции для оркестров Ф. Хендерсона, "Дюка" Эллингтона, Б. Гудмена. С середины 40-х годов много работал в Лос-Анджелесе, занимаясь сочинением музыки к кинофильмам. В 1954 вновь совершил поездку в Европу для участия в концертах филармонического джаза. Свою деятельность концертирующего музыканта, композитора и аранжировщика продолжал до конца 70-х годов. Оказал большое влияние на джазовых музыкантов нескольких поколений.



Bennett Lester Carter. Born: Aug 8, 1907 in New York.
Died: July 12, 2003
Genres: Jazz.
Styles: East Coast Blues, Jump Blues, Swing.
Instruments: Sax (Alto), Leader, Composer, Arranger, Trumpet.

To say that Benny Carter has had a remarkable and productive career would be an extreme understatement. As an altoist, arranger, composer, bandleader and occasional trumpeter, Carter has been at the top of his field since at least 1928 and in 1996 Carter was as strong an altoist at the age of 88 as he was in 1936 (when he was merely 28)! His gradually evolving style has not changed much through the decades but neither has it become at all stale or predictable except in its excellence. Benny Carter has been a major figure in every decade since the 1920s and his consistency and longevity are unpredecented.

Essentially self-taught, Benny Carter started on the trumpet and, after a period on C-melody sax, switched to alto. In 1927 he made his recording debut with Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten. The following year he had his first big band (working at New York's Arcadia Ballroom) and was contributing arrangements to Fletcher Henderson and even Duke Ellington. Carter was with Henderson during 1930-31, briefly took over McKinney's Cotton Pickers and then went back to leading his own big band (1932-34). Already at this stage he was considered one of the two top altoists in jazz (along with Johnny Hodges), a skilled arranger and composer ("Blues in My Heart" was an early hit and would be followed by "When Lights Are Low") and his trumpet playing was excellent; Carter would also record on tenor, clarinet (an instrument he should have played more) and piano although his rare vocals show that even he was human!

In 1935 Benny Carter moved to Europe where in London he was a staff arranger for the BBC dance orchestra (1936-38); he also recorded in several European countries. Carter's "Waltzing the Blues" was one of the very first jazz waltzes. He returned to the U.S. in 1938, led a classy but commercially unsuccessful big band (1939-41) and then headed a sextet. In 1943 he relocated permanently to Los Angeles, appearing in the film Stormy Weather (as a trumpeter with Fats Waller) and getting lucrative work writing for the movie studios. He would lead a big band off and on during the next three years (among his sidemen were J.J. Johnson, Miles Davis and Max Roach) before giving up on that effort. Carter has written for the studios for over 50 years but he continued recording as an altoist (and all-too-rare trumpeter) during the 1940s and '50s, making a few tours with Jazz at the Philharmonic and participating on some of Norman Granz's jam session albums. By the mid-'60s his writing chores led him to hardly playing alto at all but he made a full "comeback" by the mid-'70s and has maintained a very busy playing and writing schedule even at his advanced age. Even after the rise of such stylists as Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman and David Sanborn (in addition to their many followers), Benny Carter still ranks near the top of active altoists!

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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